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About Me

Above the Clouds

Step into the realm where my thoughts take flight and find a home on these digital pages. From unraveling the mysteries of cutting-edge technology to dancing with the rhythm of music, and occasionally delving into the cinematic wonders that kept me captivated all night – this is my sanctuary.

Who am I, you ask? I'm not just your average techie; I'm a certified UiPath maestro and a Master Certified A360 Solution Architect. Armed with a Post Graduate Diploma in Blockchain Development, I've gracefully waltzed through ~10 years of diverse experiences in QA, Java development, Architecting production grade processes and recently moved into the world of Product management.  


Currently calling Bangalore, Karnataka, India, my playground.

But that's not all there is to me. I've earned my stripes as a product manager, steering the ship through the intricate waters of innovation. My academic journey includes an MS in Computer Science from LJMU, adding a robust foundation to my technical prowess. To complement this, I've also earned an Executive MBA from IIFT, Delhi, honing my strategic thinking and leadership skills.

I firmly believe that anything can be automated if you have the determination. That's the spirit I aim to channel through my posts. Join me on this electrifying journey as we embark on the mission to automate the world, one process at a time!

Oh, did I mention that I'm not just a tech aficionado? I'm Kartikay, a seasoned product manager and an authority in generative AI, particularly in Langchain and the captivating realm of Open Source LLM. Let's not just read about the future; let's shape it together!



Langchain  LLM JIRA


UiPath Automation Anywhere

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