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Build a Native App using UiPath App!

UiPath App is one of the latest products developed by UiPath which can be used to build Web Applications that can be used by clients to interact with Bots in a well built User Interface.

In my last post I discussed on how to build a UiPath App which takes entries from the user and returns a Ticket number generated by the bot.

Today, we will go a step further and learn how to build a Desktop(Native) App that provides the same functionality.

Lets begin!

Step 1: Build a UiPath App.

You can refer to my last post for a step by step tutorial on how to build a UiPath App.

Or you can download the project from here and publish on your Account:

Create Ticket
Download ZIP • 13KB

Step 2 : Download the UiPath Client Framework.

The basic framework is provided by UiPath itself. You can download it from here.

Step 3 : Make the required Changes.

1. icon.png : Add your logo file here and update its name to icon.png.

2. main.js
    2.1 : RUNTIME_URL (line 7) - change this to point to the production URL of your App.
    2.2 : Window Parameters (lines 18-27) - change these parameters to meet your requirements like the Title shown on the window.
    2.3 : Replace mainWindow.loadURL(RUNTIME_URL) with   mainWindow.loadURL(RUNTIME_URL,{userAgent: 'Chrome'})
    3.1 : displayName (line 3) - Name of your app
    3.2 : productName (line 21) - Name of the installed app.

Step 4 : Create the App.

Run the following command in your machine :

1. Open CMD and Navigate to your project.
2. Run npm install
3. Run npm run dist

Step 5 : Test the App.

And that's it!

Hopefully you learnt a little about how to build a Native App using UiPath App Today!

See you in the next one!

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