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Snowflake and UiPath: A Quickstart Guide!

Snowflake and UiPath could be the Next Big Thing

If like me, you also are a person interested in Tech and the current Market trends, then you surely would have heard of Snowflake and UiPath! Learn how to build a process that connects your RPA Bot to a Snowflake Solution.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a Data Warehouse solution that is hosted on Cloud(AWS or Azure) and is a SAAS solution. The user can decide how much Storage and Processing power does his operation require and scale accordingly and then work with a pay per use model.

Why is an Integration of Snowflake and RPA Important?

When you think of RPA Bots, the first use cases that would come to your mind would be Chat Bots, Report Generation etc. For most of the RPA processes, you will need access to data and if your company decides to make SnowFlake your DW solution then in all probability you can fetch almost all of your Backend systems data from Snowflake. So, if you have a robust library built to handle Snowflake then you can build processes quite effectively and quickly.


Part 1 : Installing and Setting up Snowflake ODBC(15-30 Minutes)

Step 1 : Download and install the Snowflake ODBC Client(32 Bit) from here.

Step 2 : Setup the ODBC System DSN.

  • Go to ODBC Data Source Administrator(32 Bit)

  • Go to System DSN tab

  • Click on Add

  • Click on SnowFlake DSIIDriver.

  • Add the following parameters:

Data Source : Name of your Snowflake connection
User : Username for Snowflake
Password : Password for Snowflake
Server : Server URL
Database : Name of the database(Optional)
Schema : Name of Schema (Optional)
Warehouse : Name of Warehouse(Optional)
Role : Your role(Optional)
Tracing (0-6) : 0 for No tracing, 4 for Info Tracing, 6 for Detailed Tracing

That's It! Part 1 is complete.

Part 2: Connecting UiPath to Snowflake (5 Minutes to setup. Rest is up to your Imagination!)

  • Create a new project in UiPath Studio.

  • Add the following Package :

1. UiPath.Database.Activities
  • Add a Connect Activity and Configure your SnowFlake DSN

  • Execute a Query and Save the data in a Datatable.

  • Disconnect the Connection

And that's it! That's how easy it is to make your first Snowflake-UiPath Bot. Of course the possibilities are endless and you can write many complex queries to fit to your need but the basic principles remain exactly the same! If you liked this post, also learn how to build a handwriting recognition bot!


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