Build a UiPath App : End to End!

Updated: Mar 9

One of the latest addition to the UiPath family is the feature of creating UiPath Apps. UiPath apps are basically web apps that can be connected to the UiPath Bots and can create an easy way for users to interact with the Bots with an interactive front end and open up a lot of new exciting RPA opportunities. With the advent of Apps, UiPath now has features to create the Front End, Middle Layer, and back end of an app very quickly.

Today, I will show you how to build a UiPath App, connect it to a bot, utilize Arguments, and also effective Error Handling right inside the App itself.

Let's Begin!

Step One : Create a New App

Step 2: Create Pages

Step 3 : Build Layout

3.1 : Add Headers

3.2 Add Text Box and Label for Input Parameters

Step 4: Create a Bot and update it in Orchestrator.

Step 5 : Connecting Process to UiPath App and connecting Arguments to Local variables

Step 5.1: Add the Process to App.

Step 5.2: Create local variables and add them to the Value Binding Element of the elements.

Step 6: Setting up Error handling to check for Null Values

Step 6.1 Click on New Rule under the Button Element on First Page and add an If-Else Block. If an error exists, create a pop-up, else open the Second page.