Build a UiPath bot to process Invoices and Receipts for Free!! - Step by Step!

Updated: Mar 12

Quickly read your invoices and create an excel sheet with it!

Uipath Bot Read Invoices and publish in excel
Build a Bot to Process Invoices!

It's 7 PM. You wanna log off and probably make yourself a hot dinner for once. As you are about to close your laptop you hear a ping. The ever so frustrating ping of a message from your boss. You open it reluctantly fearing the worst. Your fears are confirmed as you read that there are 200 invoices your boss wants to be entered in a worksheet for that "Oh So Important" meeting at 9 AM tomorrow.

You have no choice. You sit till 10 pm and you update the sheet and eat a microwaved dinner yet again.............OR DO YOU?

Not if I can help it!

Build a bot do to it for you while you prepare your dinner. Quickly analyse the results and finish the sheet. Win Win!!

Step 1: Prerequisites

Download and Install Uipath Studio.

You can download Studio from here:

If you are completely new to UIPath, I will suggest you to do a basic level of certification from uipath. It's free and easy.

Step 2 - Building the BOT!

Now with the prerequisites taken care of let's build the bot!

Firstly, in the project folder you need to download certain packages. They are:

  1. Microsoft.Activities.Extensions

  2. UiPath.Cognitive.Activities

  3. UiPath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities

  4. UiPath.IntelligentOCR.Activities

  5. UiPath.Excel.Activities

  6. UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities

Once this is done. Let's proceed:

Bot Development - Step 1 (Setting up the Taxonomy)

Taxonomy is used to declare the fields that you want the bot to read from your Invoice. Click on "Taxonomy Manager".

Add on the + Sign and Add a Group and Add a Category. After that click on "Add New Document Type".

Add the Name and note down "Document Type ID".

Click on New Field and add the fields you want to be picked.

After Saving close the Taxonomy Manager.

Now create a new Sequence, and set the following activities:

Bot Development - Step 2(Load Taxonomy)

1. Add the activity : "Load Taxonomy". Set the following properties:

Bot Development - Step 3(Digitize Document)

1. Add the activity : "Digitize Document". Set the following properties:

2. Add the Activity "Machine Learning Extractor". Set the following properties:

Here you need to add the two following properties:

1. ApiKey : This you can find on your UiPath Orchestrator.
2. Endpoint : ""

3. Click on "Configure Extractors" and add the ml field names.