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How I created an Inventory Management Tool For Ensuring Efficient QA Practices (Retail)

Problem Statement:

The biggest challenge in testing an Omni Channel workflow is to get the different inventories in sync. While in a production environment there is live sync that happens same is not the case in a Staging or QA environment. So many times we may see a product available on the website but after placing the order it gets Back-ordered in the Order Management system.


To ensure that Associates can first take a look at the status of the inventory and make required changes before placing an order I built a Desktop Utility that provides a live snapshot of the inventory with the option of updating the Inventory as required.

To do this I used the following technologies :

  1. JavaFX - For the Front End development

  2. JDBC and JWS, and Mongoclient - For Backend development.

Architecture :

  1. Using JWS to pull information from the OMS System.

  2. Using JDBC to pull data from Front End DB

  3. Using Mongo client to pull data from the Mongo DB of the PDP Page.

Final Design :

The tool was named "Atlas".

It had the following functionalities:

  1. Update Front end inventory.

  2. Update Back end inventory.

  3. Check if an item is BOPIS enabled

  4. Update Safety Stock

Take a look at the final product.

Additional Features:

In addition to allowing the user to update the inventories, Atlas also provided the following functionalities:

  1. Get item information like Model, Color, Size, etc.

Inventory Management is a real pain whenever we have to test a Supply Chain. Utilizing Tech to build solutions in this regard is the way to go!

Hope this was insightful!

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