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Hyperledger Cactus : So what is it all about?

One solution to connect them all(Blockchains)!

Hyperledger cactus, BIF, Blockchain , Blockchain Integration Framework
Solving a Universal Blockchain Issue.

If you too are a Blockchain Enthusiast like me you would have come across the term "Hyperledger Cactus" and its recent approval from TSC to become a new Hyperledger project. Read on to find out why it's an important development in the Hyperledger Universe!

What is Hyperledger Cactus?

According to its official Github handle Hyperledger Cactus is a Blockchain Integration Framework(BIF) that will provide provide a "Decentralised, Secure and Adaptable Integration between various Blockchain Networks".

Basically think of it as a connector that will allow users across the Blockchain Universe to connect various Blockchains with each other. It will be an open sourced SDK that will be provided to interconnect various ledgers like Hyperledger Besu, Corda, Quorum etc with each other.

So, Why is Hyperledger Cactus Important?

Think of it in this way. Blockchain as a solution is something that is growing even as I type this post. There are N numbers of Blockchains that are out there and are all functioning in their own isolated sphere. One major cause of reluctance for a business to shift to a Blockchain Solution is what if tomorrow the Blockchain they have used grows obsolete? What then? Hyperledger Cactus provides a solution to this use case. The business can simply connect its legacy blockchain solution to a newer one!

Also, if you think about it, this can become a viable connector between various businesses focussing on different domains exchanging information using different Blockchains! Imagine how seamless transfer of information across a Bank and an Insurance company would be if their Blockchains can communicate with each other!

Current Scenario and the Way Ahead

Cactus has been approved by TSC as a Hyperledger Project and is currently in Incubation state.Since Accenture and Fujitsu both have been able to come up with Production Ready Solutions even before the approval we expect this project to gather a lot of traction in the coming days!

Important Links

Hope you enjoyed this article! If you want to read more about how Blockchain can totally revolutionise Supply Chain Management, you can read about it here:

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