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Hello HyperAutomation!!

Learn about the "Next Big Thing" in RPA!

According to Gartner’s list of  Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020, HyperAutomation is number 1 on the list! Let's dig a little deeper into it and find out why is it such a hot thing on the market right now.

What is HyperAutomation?

Let me put it this way. HyperAutomation is the method to make a bot as human as possible. Currently, RPA basically caters to Bots doing mundane jobs, simply put, automating the boring stuff. What HyperAutomation brings into the picture is a Bot that can make decisions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning!

You can imagine the possibilities!

Why is HyperAutomation important?

Currently, there is a gap in the market where RPA functions in a separate plane than the other big technologies like NLP, ML, etc. Both of them answer different use cases. The amalgamation of both actually creates a lot of exciting opportunities!

For example, you can do the following things :

  1. Use an ML Model to read Invoices with varying templates. Pull the data and input it into SAP, Excel, or wherever you want to save the info.

  2. Similarly use OCR capabilities to read handwritten receipts and action them accordingly.

  3. Create robust chatbots that perform RPA functions in the backend!

  4. Make process discovery intelligent!

The list is endless!!!

Current Development

Currently, UiPath has been working to build it's own ML Models that enable HyperAutomation. UiPath also provides a lot of connectors to various OCR products like Google Cloudvision, and Abbey. As the year progresses rest assured you will see a lot more happening in the world of HyperAutomation!

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